And the Story Continues.

And the Story Continues.

Aaand we were sold out. 

Yes, It was unbelievable. 

At that point, profitability wasn't even a concern for us. I just wanted t see if it works. 

I didn't know it is called Finding the Product Market Fit in Today's Entrepreneurship Dictionary. 

So this all was happening while I was in college, so there wasn't much I could do on ground. By that, I mean finding more vendors, improving Quality, Packaging and more. 

But that made me realize that even if you are not physically present, things can still be managed ( If you have an amazing support, which I always had). 

I would come home on weekends and schedule meetings with NGO's or other potential clients and see if something could be done. (I did not have a company name till then, Inspired by Phill Knight - The Shoe Dog )

And we started getting orders from NGO's, Corporates and Individuals. 

Things were slow initially, but it was fun. I never remember studying with such dedication and interest.

Well, that was how thing started rolling. There was still a lot to be done but I was also sure that it will take time. 

I remember making my first website on WIX. Definitely the best place to start off. Low Cost - Easy To Use and Does the Job Well. 
While Shopify can also be used, I would suggest WIX while starting out, is less complicated.

We had Wix for 2 years, We started generating some profits. Peanuts I would say, but there was something, we did BESTTT. 

It has been the foundational Stone for any Company. 

We had not spent a single penny on paid advertisement for 2 Years and still were getting orders regularly. 
Though volume was less but it showed that we had a Good Product and People were coming back to buy more. 

By this time, people started recognizing Bhasadh ( Atleast, I think so)

I remember a distant friend once showed me an Amazing Notebook that he purchased from an Event in Delhi. Couldn't control my excitement to reveal that it was my Brand. 

There was another instance, where the person next me actually called on the Customer Service Number mentioned on the Notebook to check If I answer the call. 

Things started getting a tad bit bigger by this time. More Orders, More Chaos and More Fun. 

While we are still very very young, and lack experience, but I am sure this is going to be a journey worth remembering. 

See you soon. 

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