Here's why you should Definitely get a Reusable Notebook.

Here's why you should Definitely get a Reusable Notebook.

Why Should you even Get a Reusable Notebook from Goofy Store India


Plenty of reasons we say. Don’t Believe ? Continue Reading. 

Go back to the time of offline classes (Yes, the golden days), you are sitting with your best friend and you are being taught about Thermodynamics. You absolutely Enjoy(hate) it and still have to sit and listen to it and wait for the class to get over. 

You have a number of things to do while you kill your time. 

  1. Sleep ( Not Recommended )
  2. Bitch about how Rahul got into a fight with Anmol and broke his teeth. 


      3. Doodle while you sit and get lost into your doodle world.

Out of the three smart ideas mentioned above, the first two have a higher risk of being caught. 

Third one is still a bit risky but obviously the best choice in the lot. 

How about we make it even better for you? 

Read this again : Doodle in your Reusable Notebook while you get lost into your doodle world. 

Here’s the fun part, even if teacher catches you and comes to your desk, you have enough time to wipe it off without any visible traces. The notebook would be as good as new. 

Surprised ? 

Well, that was just one of numerous use cases of a Reusable Notebook. 

Definitely not the most ideal use, but the most commonly use case is this. 

We have also received tones of feedbacks where people tell us how they use their reusable Notebook 

Practicing : Let’s be a bit serious here, we all know how much paper we waste just for practicing, to those pursuing math and Science, would relate a bit more, Imagine, not filling tones of notebook and having one Reusable Notebook for all your Practicing. Isn’t that Cool and Eco Friendly at the same time ? Yes, it is. 

Mind Mapping and Ideation: Remember when you and your friend discussed a revolutionary business idea and wrote it on a tissue? How about using a Reusable Notebook to make iterations until you have a Clear Plan of Action ? 

Write - Erase and Rewrite Infinitely.  

Teaching : One faculty reached out to us recently to appreciate how these notebooks were an essential gift for her during the online lectures, She Said “ It wasn’t comfortable holding a whiteboard in your lap while giving online lectures, this notebook turned out to be the best choice, No paper wastage and of course, lots of eyes because you got something cool “

Planning : A Goal is just a dream if it is not planner properly, we all do more planning than execution (harsh truth ), but we need something to plan on, Right ? 

Carrying a whiteboard is tough and writing on a regular notebook is mainstream, Our Reusable Notebooks have a To Do list where in you can write your day to day tasks with ease and strike off as you achieve one task after another. 

The X Factor in you : When you take out this notebook within a group of friends, you are definitely going to be called out as the smartest of the lost. And of course coolest, while others have to maintain physical notes and carry heavy notebooks, you just write and Scan before you wipe and reuse the same page. 

You are smart enough to decide, who’s more cool. 

Is it you with The Goofy Store Reusable Notebooks, or is it you without The Goofy Store Reusable Notebooks. 

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